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  1. Advocacy
    I suggest all UBER drivers nationwide strike again and make UBER feel the crunch this time. Let’s show them how it feels to be slaves with no food on the table. Let’s strike an entire week and see how many millions of dollars we can make UBER loose. We drivers are UBER! Uber is nothing without...
  2. Stories
    Morning all, Few weeks ago I was laid off so I stopped by the unemployment office and got signed up; putting Uber as my part time employment to get bills paid. Yesterday I received a call from the woman in charge of everything Uber related in the state of NH wanting to ask me a few questions...
  3. News
    because drivers are ultimately their own bosses, responsible for when, where, and for how long they choose to drive on the apps, they have little incentive to believe that a strike will serve their interests. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/why-the-lyft-uber-strike-will-likely-fizzle
  4. News
  5. Toronto (Ontario)
    Uber fares are now lower than Tuk Tuks. http://www.hindustantimes.com/delhi/ola-uber-strike-hits-delhi-hard-drivers-say-bigger-protest-on-monday/story-s2eUXCbbda6nP2Rr2YqMsL.html
  6. Toronto (Ontario)
    I must say I was rather struck at how determined and organized the drivers in India have become. http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/small-biz/startups/uber-and-ola-drivers-go-on-strike-in-delhi-ncr/articleshow/57081119.cms
  7. Nashville
    THE INFAMOUS OCT. 16TH IN UBER HISTORY https://uberpeople.net/threads/the-infamous-oct-16th-in-uber-history.110068/#post-1577709
  8. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Ok if no one will step up... I get the talk going. I wanted to start a new thread that actually is what it says. I think the flyer should say something like. We need to join forces and LOG OFF for a fair wage. Let's ban together on XXX date Something like that. Let's keep this thread free...
  9. Washington DC
    WE CAN DO THIS TELL OTHER DRIVERS TO DO THE SAME WE CAN ALL BE ONE TEXT MESSEGE AWAY FROM BEING ON ONE PAGE AND STRIKING BACK Thank you to everyone that was being helpful but it's clear I'm at the wrong place you guys are just people that talk and not people that take action so enjoy your...
  10. Advice
    Please stop driving for UBER. They need to add a tip option or disclose that's tip are not included in the rates with the recent price decrease or bring up the price to at least $1.25 a mile. Please stop driving for a company that does not care about their so called independent contractors/...
  11. Los Angeles & Orange County
    If Uber wants to give a discount and be fair to the drivers they should handle it like this. Let the Uber drivers select if they wants to offer his/her ride at 20% off. If the driver thinks it is worth it to drive more for less or no money they will select 20% off. On the rider side add a...
  12. New Jersey
    Uber NJ going on strike February 8th at the Hoboken office 12pm to 7pm. More details on "uber ny nj pa driver" Facebook.
  13. Stories
    Go to "uber ny nj pa driver" on Facebook for more details.
  14. New York City
    Hi I've been driving uber for 2 years. I started out as an SUV driver now I drive Uberx. These new rates are directly affecting us and costing us more when we've already invested enough. On the forums you hear most uber drivers are stupid and dumb, and would work against us in a strike. I was...
  15. New Jersey
    To Stop Driving will not get immediate results because many people need money especially after Christmas. Steps have to be taken first. This Plan will Work I have a multi part plan that know WILL WORK. This plan requires minimal effort and no money. It does not require $1,000's of dollars or...
  16. Atlanta
    Everyday, it is becoming more and more evident that I am Uber's flunky. Uber shows their drivers 0 appreciation. Even over the holidays, they could not find it in themselves to increase their rates to resemble somewhat of a holiday bonus for their drivers or add a tip option to their app. Last...
  17. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Uber strike
  18. Advocacy
    A mass Uber driver movement has been started. For the first time ever, drivers came together on a national level in high numbers and pulled off the biggest strike in Uber history. It was all over national media. It raised awareness like never before. The biggest Uber driver association is about...
  19. Raleigh-Durham
    We had a small turnout last night, but the meeting was great. There was a discussion about the Uber Freedom coordinated Association. I'm not convinced that Abe or any centralized effort to organize drivers will be the best option. I've connected with the folks from Fight for 15 who have...
  20. Advocacy
    I Have to laugh at you dumb Turds who think you will make ANY difference. Just quit and go away. UBER and LYFT do not need nor want you. You are a Dime A Dozen...
1-20 of 21 Results