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  1. Washington DC
    So in the post Mayweather McGregor surgefest I got a few nice rides. However on one 4.2X I noted Uber charged them $50 & I got $26. I was happy for a payout like that for 12 minutes. Someone recently posted about fighting with Rohit and the gang in a similar situation and getting increased...
  2. Complaints
    Hi Tsmpa Bay drivers lately one of you asked me what I suggested about dealing with UBERS rate cut! First I suggest all drivers go on Facebook and look up Uber Freedom. Second I suggest all Tsmpa Bay Drivers shut your apps down the first day of Gasparilla guarantee you'll get UBERS attention.
  3. Advocacy
    I strongly urge all Uber drivers to check into Uber Freedom on Facenook if you sick of Uber getting rich by riding on your backs and plain screwing you than you need to band together to fight the tyrant make no mistake Uber Managment is a Tyrant run. The only way to get fair play from them will...
  4. Charleston
    I listened to "oldies" station 104.5 yesterday for 4 hours and heard the "Uber ad for more drivers" at least 5 times. I think its a hoot that they are looking for old drivers. Have you guys heard the ads on other stations ? One thing for sure.....Uber will screw the drivers in any way they can...
1-5 of 5 Results