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  1. Dallas
    I knew I should not have come to DFW airport. I knew better than that. And I've been here for an ungodly amount of hours. It has become a principal thing with me now. Can anybody tell me how you are in the 1-5 select cars ahead of you range and then somehow around ten people have gone before you??
  2. New York City
    So, yes, I’m a new driver. Total novice. Rookie. Etc. Etc. But Uber scr#*ed me out of a $400 referral credit, which I can document, and I’m not taking it lying down. Or over a barrel. After no fewer than 8 back and forth emails with their CS reps, who each politely gave me the same insipid...
  3. Washington DC
    I get multiple requests for competitor pay statements with the promise of a $15 payment for each. I've noticed Uber skips the promised $15 payment without explanation. I asked them why they didn't pay this one and the response came back they're still evaluating if I qualify. That's a BS...
1-4 of 4 Results