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  1. Complaints
    For the love of God, stop this upfront fare insanity. Charge the correct rates. You're using our cars, our data plans, our time, our service, our gas. Your're exploiting drivers and raping riders. Congrats. (Let the Uber defenders begin their self defeating bs)
  2. Pay
    Uber is a greedy scumbag company. They should take more than 10 percent!!! They SUCK. Tell ALL your pax. This must change folks.
  3. Stories
    So I get pinged from 14 minutes away, and see its a heavy college-kid area. Damn. I don't cancel (since I'm more cautious with Uber's new 'you're not really an independent contractor, and we will deactivate you for cancelling trips once you assess the rider, destination, and potential payout'...
1-3 of 3 Results