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  1. Australia
    Uber rival ride-sharing app Taxify to launch in Sydney by Christmas 2017 Ride-sharing company Taxify plans to launch services in Sydney by Christmas, promising to pay drivers more in an attempt to challenge Uber's grip on the market. The fast-growing Estonian company, which operates in 20...
  2. World
    Por favor, responda a Enquete. Qual cidade brasileira deve ser a primeira com seu próprio fórum? Please answer the Poll. Which Brazilian city should be the first with its own forum? Rosca relacionados (Related Threads): https://uberpeople.net/threads/porto-alegre-brazil.64042/...
  3. London
    Heard that a new british company will be launching a app based minicab booking service. They charge 15% only but have rates simmilar to ubers. They also have cash booking. Well can they beat uber ? Will uber be the next nokia
1-3 of 3 Results