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  1. New York City
    Hey guys Uber intoduced a new model of surge. It is rip off. I guess Uber wants us to quit working for them and switch to Lyft. You won't make money on long trips, You can't turnoff app,if you do you won't be eligible for surge. You are forced to pick rides. We should say no to uber's new surge...
  2. Pay
    So after finishing a consecutive trip today I just happened to look at the fare details of the 3rd/last one. The passenger paid over $19 and I made $8.99 of it.. but Uber is using the $9 consecutive trip boost against the fare details so it looks legit. Am I trippin? Uber should only be taking...
  3. San Francisco
    I recently went back and investigated ALL of my trips in trip history. To discover UBER periodically did not apply the guaranteed boost to trips going back 6 months when I first started driving. There's over 40 ! I dig deeper within the histories of UBER fee's. On my recent history page any...
1-3 of 3 Results