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  1. Vehicles
    What is the current cut 0ff for car age for 2017 in Fort Myers? Anyone get their 2001 okayed for the coming year? I've heard it's either 2001, or 2004, 0r maybe 2008. Anyone know for sure? Thanks in advance!
  2. New York City
    I have my TLC for over a year now.i was renting a car for all this time.my wife has a 2012 Camry is under her name I'm also include in the insurance as a driver can I register my wife car for uber even though is under her name .she doesn't have TLC license she no longer using the Camry. Can...
  3. Portland
    Hey guys. I just got a new text from Uber saying there are new requirements for Uber in Portland. Something about driver training. Has anyone done this yet? What does it have in it?
1-3 of 3 Results