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  1. Ratings
    https://www.wired.co.uk/article/chinese-government-social-credit-score-privacy-invasion Recently I've been hearing folks are "outraged" by the Communist Chinese implementing a "social rating system" meanwhile, tens of thousands of United States Citizens already live and work under arbitrary...
  2. Sydney
    Hi All, I am new to Uber having worked for less than a month. I believe I am considered a decent driver having scored only one 4-stars & one 3-stars out of 40 ratings with 10 badges & 3 positive review comments. I have no issue with riders giving a low rating if I have not done a decent job...
  3. Ratings
    Is it just me or has anyone noticed that Lyft passengers rate low more often for dumb reasons than uber passengers. It's like ppl who use Lyft judge so much or take where they are going tooooo seriously.
  4. London
    Quotation from US forum, thread 'Rider Ratings vs Driver Ratings' https://uberpeople.net/threads/rider-ratings-vs-driver-ratings.31803/ and another rating related discussion worth mentioning: https://uberpeople.net/threads/no-tip-gets-every-pax-automatic-4-stars.39311/ Drive safe!
  5. Columbus
    I am a relatively new driver but I've gone to great effort to make sure my riders all have a great experience while driving - providing water bottles, mints, candies, and chocolate. I'm always personable and friendly and I come from a background of customer service so I'm usually really good...
  6. New York City
    I'm currently living in NYC, but I know very little of its roads, streets, and highways. I wonder if it's possible to drive for Uber entirely depending on GPS navigation and still maintain good rating.
  7. Atlanta
    Uber Rating System, Is It Fair? For Uber Rating System, 4.6 rating is Poor performance and Uber will deactivate you for that kind of rating. Generally speaking, we know that 5 star rating is Best Rating or perfect rating and 4 stars is generally considered Good rating. However, Uber sees 4.6...
  8. Ratings
    Who agree that Uber Rating System is FAR from being accurate and fair. As Uber Select Driver we have to maintain a 4.7 rating . Many Riders rate carelessly, or think 4 stars is great, while if most rate 4 stars you would be deactivated in no times. The biggest issue with the rating system is...
  9. Las Vegas
    I have never had a rider seem unhappy with my service. I keep my car immaculate, I have always been on time for their pickup, I always greet them, have a pleasant conversation if they want to talk, give them information if they have any questions, offer them the extra little perks that Uber...
1-10 of 10 Results