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  1. San Diego
    ... are starting again with FUber the Great! I guess winter starts earlier in Canada. https://uberpeople.net/threads/uber-cut-fars-again-in-edmonton.112627/#post-1625206 Get ready people to board the rate cuts train again this year seeing that the strategy remains one and the same year after year.
  2. News
    Well now they get a taste of our medicine and get the same BS reasons for the rate cut.
  3. New Jersey
    I've been following this site for some time now. And I just joined to get a message across. I see many drivers are angry at the rate cuts recently by Uber. I to drive for both but currently have stopped. I want to gather drivers to rally against Uber in Hoboken. This will be a attempt to get as...
  4. San Diego
    The IRS sez it cost 57 1/2¢ per mile driven, at the current San Diego Uber rate you'll only make ~41¢ for EVERY mile you drive from the start of your shift until the end of your shift. You are losing ~16 1/2¢ for every mile you drive, whether or not you have a passanger. I've been an Uberx...
  5. Denver
    Lyft Just matched the Uber market in Denver by lowering its rate. It looks like the competition is on... on the shoulder of drivers ! Winter Pricing Effective Friday, Jan. 15 Cost per mile: $1.01 Cost per minute: $0.12 Lyft Plus cost per mile: $1.85 Lyft Plus cost per minute: $0.31 Minimum...
1-5 of 5 Results