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  1. Washington DC
    WTH.. Why are there still droves of ants out at 2am on a Monday? Because Uber is a evil genius.. with Quest and their other games. You gotta be a little awestruck by the power they have over the ants. I never thought I’d be trolling around dark sketchy areas of DC at 2 am to finish quest...
  2. Buffalo & Rochester
    Anyone else have this issue? I completed the required number of Uber rides over the weekend to qualify for a quest bonus. I checked the app before signing off yesterday and it showed the progress and completion of the quest. This morning I checked and it said I didn't drive during the...
  3. Atlanta
    This has to be a joke... How do you guys feel about Uber Quest, the new feature under promotions?
  4. Philadelphia
    I haven't gotten my email telling me I leveled up...I think they thought I wouldn't complete the $35 trip task...but I did. Now I haven't heard jack from uber about quest...anyone know anything? I want that new tv.
1-4 of 4 Results