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  1. Vehicles
    Uber Pool in Rolls Royce Ghost ($5,000 Tip)
  2. Complaints
    It got rid of pool rides so why wont Uber also get rid of XL vehicles from its platform
  3. Sydney
    I have noticed lately that a frequent number of rides are with someone else's account. Why would they do this? The fares are not that large however when I ask them about if they have an account I hear a strange silence or a mumble, credit, power ....excuse.. Am I making a big deal about this or...
  4. Sydney
    Hi Ants, An Uber pool pax showed me an interesting hack in that if you use a major drop off as the destination like Sydney Town Hall or Central Station in the suggested destinations instead of entering a street address like 281 Clarence Street or pointing the pin to anything other than a major...
  5. Sydney
    Last Sat night I found myself around the Coogee area. I am in no way familiar with that place and got a ping which took me to a pub I had never seen before. I parked out front across the street, and the countdown began. After about a minute I hit the "I have arrived" sms. The pax responded...
  6. New York City
    https://people.com/human-interest/micaela-otoole-jared-thomas-uber-marry-ride-kansa/amp/ Tldr: dude hopped in poop ride (wife to be was the driver) , met chick riding in poop ride... now they married... :wtf: So for all you looking for love take them poop rides... to meet your husband or...
  7. Complaints
    Lets decline every uberpool request. We are not bus drivers. Today I made a complain to NSW Transport about it. It should be illegal. If people want to pay less for transport better for them take a bus or train. :mad:
  8. Orlando
    Is this new or has it been there all along and I just didn't notice?
  9. Sydney
    Ants I always want my 2c here so here it goes. Its in Point form so feel free blasting me where you want. Remember I have the figures to prove it and I mean the figures down to the last cent. This is in response to the article in PerthNow website Uber drivers threaten more strikes over pay...
  10. Toronto (Ontario)
    I'm a new Uber driver and accepted an Uber Pool request yesterday. I picked up a lady and her friend from a shopping mall. The large bins, boxes and car seat they brought with them filled both the rest of the back seat AND my trunk. After this experience, I have some questions: 1. How the...
  11. Stories
    Picked up a smelly 4.6 Poo pax (it was a little slow). Guy got in with the most obnoxious body odor ever. It smelled like butt breath, grated garlic baked mashed onion, and mildew. Had to roll the windows down on that one. 2 angry pool pax that were added to the route didn’t get picked up...
  12. Toronto (Ontario)
    I spoke to uber helpline... they said that a single uber POOL rider can bring a friend along... Is it true ?
  13. Boston
    Hello, I drive weekdays in Providence and I drive Saturdays and Sundays in Boston, when I get people with grocery bags here in Providence I always help them with their bags, I have yet to experience a pool with grocery bags in Boston, here is the story: This actually happened to a friend of mine...
  14. New York City
    I need to take an UberPool from Union Square to Riverdale, Friday morning. Can I expect these amenities with my fare?
  15. Toronto (Ontario)
    Since Uber Pool is paying less fare to the driver, therefore I feel that Uber should give privilege to rate a driver if the ride is UBER POOL. Take few rights away from UBER POOL people, however UBER driver should still be allowed to rate a passenger. I don’t know what everyone feels about...
  16. Australia
    Uber Pool hasnt arrived yet as far as I know here but I am so glad I no longer continue with UberX reading this news today. Ever since Uber started here, keeping up with U.S. news was almost a crystal ball of how things develop here. It all down hill for earnings and the crowds will get bigger...
  17. Toronto (Ontario)
    Hello community, would like to know from a financial standpoint for someone that owns a car, if they could only do UBER EATS or UBER POO*, which one is worst? And why? ;-(
  18. Advice
    1. A cheap-ass pax will “accidentally” put their destination five-feet from their pick-up location and tell you it was a mistake, but really they want you to go to their real destination without paying the actual fare because they pay upfront anyways. Is there anyway to deal with this? 2...
  19. New York City
    Why do passengers want to use a shared ride which inevitably delays them just to save $2? I honestly don't get it. Uber loses, the driver loses, the riders are generally unhappy with the product. What is the honest point of Uber poop and Lyft Poop for either company? The shareholders of Uber...
1-20 of 85 Results