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  1. Complaints
    Hi everyone, or anyone. This past Saturday I was trying to complete my 60 ride quest, but at 1 am on technically Sunday, Uber shut my account down because they claimed a rider said I was drunk. Instead of asking me, a driver with 3000 trips in 6 months, they deactivated my account until 1 am...
  2. Advice
    This post is based off of one that's come up in the Toronto forum on how to ensure Uber is profitable. The OP'S tactic is to sell extra items like pop, chips, can't etc. Initially I thought it was a silly idea however one of the posters Harry70 has a really good point. Harry70 said: ↑ I dont...
  3. Miami
    Can someone enlighten me on Uber's policy for having open alcohol containers in the vehicle? I love it that Uber doesn't provide new drivers with guidelines for what is permissible and what might be misconstrued as illegal and represent a potential liability risk for you as a driver. I googled...
1-3 of 3 Results