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  1. Technology
    I have a Samsung Note 4 (Sprint) and want to root (jailbreak) it so I can use it as a wifi hotspot for my second phone (iphone 4S). Does anyone know if the Uber driver app works on rooted Android phones?
  2. London
    I decided to sum up and point out flaws that I am experiencing with Driver app and UBER in general. What a shame. Technology company and such a poor app. 1. Now, the best feature, home destination is missing. 2. Payments are processed slow. 3. In the middle of the trip app is loosing...
  3. Los Angeles & Orange County
    For a job that has to be done entirely on our phones, you would think the partner app would at least be stable. I've never used a buggier app in my entire life. -map always stops showing details sporadically -surges won't show up after drop offs without an app restart -surge events crash the...
  4. Houston
    Just started driving less than a week ago but I've read several different threads in this forum and it sounds like the Uber Partner app is a lot better on the Android platform than on IOS. True or False?
  5. Las Vegas
    Hi all! I am a new Uber driver and am anxious to start ASAP. I installed the partner app a few days a go and all has been fine in its operation since my account was approved for driving. However, as of around 12:30am PST the app has become completely useless. Whenever I open it the Uber...
  6. Las Vegas
    Hello everyone! I'm new to Uber and just joined the forum, although I've been reading it for awhile now. I have a quick question. My android phone just died on me, Sprint gave me an iPhone to use until my replacement arrives in a few days. I don't want to miss driving this weekend but when I...
  7. Technology
    Is the Uber Partner app compatible with Android phone VPN software? In other words, if I run my VPN software while running the Uber Partner app, will the VPN prevent me from receiving pickup notices, etc.? Thanks, -Z
  8. Technology
    I am using Uber Partner app v3.94.0, and an iPhone 6 w/ iOS v9.2.1 (both are latest). Uber Partner app now only gives me a pop-up msg. to notify me of incoming pax requests, no sound at all. If I'm not looking at my iPhone, or itis in my pocket, I may not notice a new pax request coming in...
1-9 of 9 Results