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  1. Chicago
    Last night I experienced a recurring glitch with Uber Navigation. The graphic route path (map) was accurate, but the printed "Next turn" instruction was sometimes ONE STEP AHEAD. So I saw the instruction, "Turn left onto 104th Ave" when the impending turn was actually a right onto 171st St...
  2. Chicago
    In the last week, Uber navigation has stopped working on my android phone. I use Google (which still works) when I need it but always preferred to go back to the Uber screen for drop off as Uber and Google have communication issues for precise address location. But my Uber screen never shows...
  3. Sydney
    I have tried searching on the Forum for recent comments regarding the Uber Navigation app with no luck - all old comments from several months ago & as we know in the Uber world things can change a lot in a short time !!!!!! I currently use both G.M & Waze depending on which way the wind is...
  4. Washington DC
    Latest update with the Asteroids icon also gives me the option of using Uber Navigation in addition to Google Maps and Waze. Anyone use Uber Nav? Any benefits? I usually use Google Maps.
  5. Denver
    Seriously, WTF?!?! It won't let me use any other road if I get close to the Toll road. It'll insist I make a U turn for miles before giving up. I have to map it out on the fly driving across the Denver frontier.
  6. Washington DC
    is Uber forcing us to use its navigation? After updating the app yesterday the navigation setting changed to Uber . Every time I start the app I have to change the setting.
  7. Technology
    Using an I phone 5s with relatively small navigation maps I find voice commands helpful. Using the Uber navigation to pick-up I get voice commands. After I start the ride with PAX in the vehicle using Uber navigation during the trip I no longer get voice commands. Therefore I normally use...
  8. Advice
    I have the latest version of uber partner software for Android. V3.74.1 and cannot find an option to use the built in / on board navigation instead of Google of Waze. I am forced to use this party navigation software. I'd like to try ubes nav. Help!
1-8 of 8 Results