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    so i have been doing ubereats on my motorcycle for the past few month, i never had an issue with uber but the customer they hate it, i dont get it. in Asia people do that all the time. i have messed up so many pizzas tho then i stopped delivering pizzas haha also drink no. i dont make a lot of...
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    People take advantage of UberEats and screw its drivers like me. Recently i have beem getting many pizza orders, and so far no one tipped, when i asked one guy, he told its cheaper than ordering from a pizza place directly because the delivery fee is lower and they never tip the delivery driver...
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    So ever since i switched to my motorcycle instead of the Bicycle, i am having fun with the deliveries, i drag race, i go everywhere from dtla to Malibu to the valley to the hood haha So customers don't really upset me now and Uber loves me more now cuz i deliver quicker lol the only issue i...
1-3 of 3 Results