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  1. Melbourne
    Drivers be warned uber has NO legal right to drop or collect riders from Melbourne Airport PWC
  2. Melbourne
    Female drivers needed don't wait start earning best rates paid. This service is female only service and for kids.
  3. Melbourne
    Sarah is working extremely hard to find a venue large enough to fit everyone uber office staff and uberpartners Melbourne show grounds is looking to be the most likely venue Saturday 24th 12noon till late Party tickets family $65 byo and bring some food - sorry alcohol free event.
  4. Melbourne
    Uber driverless cars coming to a city near you soon 2017
  5. Melbourne
    I will not drive at night for the same day rate it's dangerous, drunks, car wreckers, and party groups. We the drivers have the power night rates without the slave drivers Uber has no service. Fair Work Australia
  6. Melbourne
    Any word on the uber xmas party? Where? And when? 7000 drivers and staff big space a lot of food and drinks.
  7. Melbourne
    Hi All, I weird Saturday and Sunday that there is no surge at all, can't understand what's happening, Issue arising after app update on Saturday morning. iOS. Had a couple of trips in Near Eastern Suburbs and still none were surge
  8. Melbourne
    JUST ANSWER THE POLLING ??? If u keep weekly records Gross fare is what passenger pays Uber divided by total km driven per week. = gross per km The best way to compare your performance with your fellow drivers This week for me 1109.93 / 860 km=$1.29 per km driven Started researching how...
  9. Melbourne
    Hi all I went to pick up a riders on North Melbourne, They were a musicians or something like that the point is this: They had a lot of staff like 3 luggage really big, one bag and 3 seats in metal and I decided not to take them anywhere because just the luggage filled all my trunk. They said...
  10. Melbourne
    As at today (September 29th, 2015), there is no state or territory in Australia where driving for uberX is a legal activity. Illegal activities are not 'authorised', they are in fact prohibited. What exactly does Uber Australia tell uberX drivers? Does it tell drivers that uberX is illegal...
  11. Melbourne
    Uber Melbourne driver partners: are you putting yourself at risk driving for uberX? Uber Melbourne continues to recruit new drivers for its uberX service. These drivers deserve fair warning as to how Uber operates, and the realities of uberX driving. I suggest prospective drivers browse each...
1-11 of 11 Results