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  1. Chicago
    Target: Uber management Uber is the only major Transportation Network Company that has been unwilling to offer passengers an easy option to tip. As a result, the people working for Uber are losing thousand of dollars, every day, that we need to feed our families. To make it worse, Uber further...
  2. News
    Woman says Uber driver may have witnessed her being raped in back of his vehicle By Joe Holleman St. Louis Post-Dispatch August 5, 2016 Updated August 5, 2016 8:20pm ST. LOUIS » A woman believes an Uber driver may have witnessed her being raped by a man in the back of his vehicle last month -...
  3. Stories
    I went to Panda Express to take an interview and on the way back home Josh picked me up. We talked a lot and had a great time. Then we I got home I realized my phone left in Josh's car. (Because I held coffee and sandwich each hand lol) I immediately called UBER service and let them contact Josh...
1-3 of 3 Results