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  1. Complaints
    Not only is the ride duration whacked (just over 1 mile trip), but while I was driving it seemed like I was taking Forever. Must be all that 130am traffic.
  2. Toronto (Ontario)
    Today I was rear ended on the highway where the 427 meets eastbound Gardiner. The damage doesn't seem to be too bad however somehow I forgot to get the guys insurance. How would filing a claim work if I was driving a fare and is it even possible to make a claim with a license plate? The email...
  3. New York City
    gents, I'm doing a research on what uber drivers hate the most about uber and need your help! i really appreciate your inputs! thanks again!
  4. Los Angeles & Orange County
    What's up guys. I wanted to ask you guys if I'd be able to partake in any new driver sign up bonuses since I've stopped driving with Uber & Lyft in over a year? It's been a while so just curious. Thanks
  5. Washington DC
    Look, laugh, and ignore, enjoy..... Still laughing days later....
  6. Reno
    Sorry to post again: I am torn between using my personal car for Uber, which I am about to buy (8-passenger minivan or AWD SUY) and renting. I really don't want to use my personal vehicle to to the extra miles and insurance problems. I want to keep my personal life separate, in the same way...
  7. Seattle
    I drive for both Lyft and Uber. In the last two weeks or so, every time I accept an Uber ride and then go into the Lyft app to go offline, the Uber rise disappears but with no cancellation notice. Could this be another way Uber is trying to punish drivers working for both? Has anyone else had...
  8. Chicago
    We agree that uber is not a good company... why keep complaining each day keep reminding us what we drvrs are worth: worthless so keep crying about.. Answer is lyft YES. LYFT. SHUT OFF UBER AND DRV ONLY LYFT.. ATLEAST LYFT TREATS US BETTER... LET'S ALL OF US #UBER OFF AND #LYFT ON..
1-8 of 8 Results