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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    Hello everyone, I really hate to create a new thread but realized that it's an important topic especially after HST came into effect. I strongly feel uber charge different amount to riders and show us different. I noticed many a times but today I took a screenshot to prove my point. They are...
  2. Sydney
    Sydney drivers @ $1.45/klm, Brisbane @ $1.00, Melbourne drivers @ $1.00/klm. Even Wollongong and Newcastle are higher than Melbourne @ $1.10/klm. I don't get it! - drivers costs are the same wherever you go. Sydney rates are too low in my opinion. Can someone of authority tell us why before I...
  3. Stories
    Me. Tried Uber out, and ran both X and XL platforms. X sucked larger than normal 'sausage', and XL only made sense on long runs, but even then was ruff. I.E., with the 'Uber machine' taking 28% of Uber XL fares, making my average Uber XL fare to miles being equal figures, the lie of Uber took...
1-3 of 3 Results