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  1. UberEATS
    I saw in my area that Uber Eats is offering 500$ for 100 deliveries (5$/delivery), $890 for 180 deliveries ($4.94/delivery), or $1,480 for 300 deliveries ($4.93/delivery). I was thinking this may be OK if Uber Eats pays 5$ per delivery. If I add that to the average tip I made in 2022, $4.50...
  2. Toronto (Ontario)
    Hi all! I have just started around 2 months ago and I have a few questions if you all don't mind answering, thanks! 1. I live in Markham area, if the Uber GPS tells you to go on 407, who pays for the toll? I know for Uber X the customer pays for it, but what's the case for Uber Eat? 2. What is...
  3. London
    I know this has been discussed many times . But still any body have any different idea. Which tracker is best for roads in UK. Also when I calculate mileage , start from home or from fist collection point. Thank You all.
  4. Sydney
    I only do Uber Eats and I arrive at this restaurant and they tell me the customer ordered food an hour ago. I've been online all morning but have not received the job request. They were crying and sooking about it and wouldn't cook the food until a driver was confirmed and as we were talking the...
1-4 of 4 Results