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  1. Houston
    Hi everyone! I have arrived in college station last month . I would like to work in uber eat delivery in college station. Do you know how much my income will be ?
  2. Long Island
    I see the there's no promotions for the 5 for $20 any longer in Suffolk county so I guess that means time to saturate Nassau n Queens? Eats really isn't worth doing out east UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES.. Any jobs out there hiring? This Uber crap is not fair. I wish other companies were easy to sign...
  3. Complaints
    It really hurts to feel this company couldn’t care less about the drivers. we pay gas, oil, maintenance and we put ourself out there every day for this company. I was making around 5$ per uber eats trip now thats around 3$. Yesterday I drove 8 minutes to a restaurant, waited 10 minutes and...
  4. Jacksonville
    Hi, I have been thinking about doing this part-time, but have a few questions for existing drivers doing uber eats. I live in Jacksonville Beach area, and want to stay within the beaches area. When a delivery ping comes through, do you get to see the complete destination first before accepting...
  5. Jacksonville
    As my title states, as of today. Uber Eats is now here in Jax. So the obvious question, is anyone going to jump in this, if so, is it worth it.
  6. Washington DC
    Last night around midnight I saw, yet again, that I couldn't make yet another quest and took a certain satisfaction cancelling an uber eats that it assigned to me as I was flying past the I-66 exit. I wrote I couldn't hit my quest anyway so I decided to cancel this one on uber. Besides, half...
  7. Melbourne
    How bad is it often on earnings?
  8. Toronto (Ontario)
    anyone done deliveries for this restaurant? Name: Popeye's Louisiana Chicken 3582 Major MacKenzie Dr. Unit #4 Vaughan, Ontario thanks!
1-8 of 8 Results