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  1. Sydney
    $17 an hour before paying tax. Grossing $36.63 an hour. Of my Gross takings 54% are expenses. What can I do to improve this? Just did my taxes and this hourly rate is crap. The gross numbers at the end of a shift look good. But when I put all the expenses in. It’s crap. How do I improve...
  2. Melbourne
    I have just seen an ad on channel 7 spruiking splend the company that leases cars for ride sharing for $269 per week, insurance, registration and road side assistance all inclusive whilst you earn up to $3000 per week. I have been a driver for many months and I cannot come close to that figure...
  3. Chicago
    Hello guys. I'm new 4 days old newbie to this game of drive hassle in Chicago. I do about 14 rides a day and put in about 10 hrs shifts and my net day profit is $100-110 after Lyft taking 30% which is about $130-150/day. That comes up to about $10/hr before expenses (gas) and car depreciation...
  4. Atlanta
    I've been making a point to avoid the late night crowd to maintain my rating. I've been driving the mid shift 12-9pm hours and it's definitely a pay cut. No late night means very little surge profits. At least I get home before 10pm though. But I'm having to work longer to make my goal. Today...
  5. London
    Hi, It's my first post here, but I visited this forum few times. big hello to everyone! This is mostly for new U drivers out there who do their research about how much they're gonna earn working for uber. Well, here's a little formula you can use, and be aware- you will be discouraged. Why all...
  6. Pay
    OK, I just drove my first two days for uber. I ran the numbers on it and here is the scoop: First of what was my cashflow: (that was ok, money came in even after expenses) car wash 6.00 parking 1.00 Total 7.00 gas 13.46 gas 8.20 gas 18.33 Total 39.99 cash spent...
  7. Complaints
    I agree, the Uber earnings have dropped tremendously in Las Vegas to the point it's not worth driving.Its bad enough you get 3 and 4 people squeezing in your car and they DON'T TIP!
  8. Advice
    The Earnings Calculator here in the forum (see the RESOURCES section) has been updated to allow for different 'rider fee' amounts and different Uber Fee amounts. https://uberpeople.net/pages/EarningsCalculator/
  9. Tampa
    My earnings for last week was $706.50 I worked 7 days for a bout 65 hours and put on 1065 miles and that comes out to about $0.65 a mile before expenses... This is was my first full week. How is everybody else doing? Charles
  10. Toronto (Ontario)
    I had written this more than a year ago. Many things have changed, also, HST has to be deducted on the whole amount of $100,000, that would simply upset everything as everything will change. $6 an hour after all expenses: Some drivers claim to make $500 to $600 a day, if true, pilots...
1-10 of 10 Results