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  1. Raleigh-Durham
    Hi, i am also doing uber and lyft in Atlantic city NJ. Can anybody tell me the uber pricing in Raleigh like min trip rate , per mile, base fair, per mint, and any other category uber offering to drivers in Raleigh. All the money drivers get. Actually i want to know the uber pricing in different...
  2. News
  3. Melbourne
    Hey folks, I was thing of working with uber eats on bicycle for 10-12 hours a day as a full time work. if anybody is doing it or have any idea about it . can you tell me the earnings i'll be making in one day approximately. and which are the busiest areas in melbourne all day. any response...
  4. Washington DC
    When i check my earning the next day it was less by a certain amount. The amazing thing no notification from uber about what happened. Luckily, i guessed correctly what happened. I had a customer who went back and forth to a store to buy staff with surge. The fare is adjusted to 0.00. I got...
1-4 of 4 Results