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  1. Houston
    Just curious, I had a rider thru uber. Upon my arrival I notice that I'm the only one there. I see a man with a dog. I asked the rider if he was the man with the dog. He replies that he is blind and he has a service animal with him. I paused. I never been put in a situation like this. I do uber...
  2. Pay
    I do not do Uber Eats but found this pretty disturbing
  3. News
    Uber and Lyft Have Problems Paying Their Drivers. Here's What It Says About Both Companies An investigation revealed that drivers are seeing less from the ridesharing companies, even as both claim to be paying out more...
  4. San Francisco
    This is a catastrophe for drivers imo. Premium economy services are the worst. Passengers who subscribe to these services will be extra nitpicky too because they paid a couple bucks more. I'll just leave this right here: -Lowered rates from pilot program -10 min pax wait time -Be muted by...
  5. Philadelphia
    Cut rates for destination filter than follow up by sending out this email.
  6. Toronto (Ontario)
    Hi just looking to start driving Lyft afer some complications with Uber, what can I expect to earn with Lyft, I will be driving between 4pm - 10pm Tuesday to Thursday and 6pm-4am Friday & Saturday, 4pm - 10pm on Sunday- roughly 44hrs/week. Any insight will be greatly appreciated from fulltime...
  7. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Uber tech support is sucks.. i have calling them over 3 days and someone (with no English) is trying to do support .. which is ridiculous, I am paying my commissions to get an appropriate support and not waste my time to understand their "ENGLISH?" why is Uber management is so cheap??
  8. New York City
    Hey guys Uber intoduced a new model of surge. It is rip off. I guess Uber wants us to quit working for them and switch to Lyft. You won't make money on long trips, You can't turnoff app,if you do you won't be eligible for surge. You are forced to pick rides. We should say no to uber's new surge...
  9. London
    Came across this company from what it looks has good fees and might help. Anyone heard about it before? http://driverapplondon.co.uk/london-carriages-a-fairer-deal/
  10. Toronto (Ontario)
  11. New York City
    They have stolen my 27 miles and 47 minutes, it is proven I took all the screenshots, and recorded the trip , guys seriously how to suv Uber for this ? Because I’m done with their buulshit .
  12. Sydney
    Uber has been caught ripping off drivers. Last night I asked every passenger how much uber had charged them compared to how much it said Uber charged them on my screen excluding the commission. Uber is ripping us off by taking a further 10-15% on top of our commission. I have officially quit...
  13. Las Vegas
    If your a rideshare driver, its best that you get your business licence and have it posted somewhere on your car. It clearly states on the license that it must be posted in a conspicuous area. The other worry, is rideshare insurance enough. Answer:No! A recent rideshare driver was in an...
  14. Complaints
    1100 rides. 17,000 miles. $9000 for me. $5000 for Uber.
  15. Chicago
    I just got notification that a pax reported that I was driving impaired. I obviously was not, no additional information was provided. It's so stupid that a pax can submit a baseless claim just because they don't like a driver. I swear this report is retaliation from a River North pax that I...
  16. New York City
    I'm interested in starting a push for drivers to demand that their own app/platform be created. It could operate like a car service base in which the passenger has the option to pay in cash and credit (not just credit- because having the option to pay cash is even more convenient than just...
  17. London
    Long post alert, so please bear with. I’m an experienced PH driver. I’ve driven for many different firms including uber at different times when it’s suited me. I’ve just stopped driving for them recently and I wish to persuade other drivers to do the same. Also can we PLEASE keep this...
  18. New Jersey
    Just took a trip from Englewood Cliffs to JC and had a semi new driver, 4.77 rating. Clean, new Jeep Cherokee, polite and def wet behind the ear but what really bothers me is the fact that this dog chit, lowlife band of thieves called UBER charged me $21.73 and this poor guy got paid $10.81...
  19. Houston
    Hello everyone, one question when the rider take long time to go to the car, you wait for him or cancel the trip an get the cancellation fee? One time the rider took like 10 minutes to go outside and then the trip was 0.9 miles 3 dollars trip... uber can banned you if you cancel too many...
  20. New York City
    Need some input from you guys. Post from IDG on FB: An additional payment per-pickup is something IDG members pushed for back in June 2016. Better late than never. ( Talking about the $0.75 per pax for Pool increase ) Here is the comment I posted on this Facebook Post: "This is a joke and a...
1-20 of 33 Results