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uber customer service sucks
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  1. Complaints
    Hey there, I recently got a National crime check for menulog and I also wanted one of uber eats. So,rather than going and paying extra for the exact same thing again. I informed the NCC to share my results to Ubereats which they share after paying a small fee. It’s been 1 week now Neither uber...
  2. Advice
    I received a message from Uber that my account had been flagged for violating a policy regarding airport pick-ups. I was shocked, because I read both the policies of Uber and my local airport and made sure to follow the rules. I have a very high driver rating (4.94) and nearly always get a tip...
  3. Complaints
    Last night i had a pickup downtown drop off was also downtown a 6 min ride my next ride in the que was 1min away i go to destination no one was there waited 6mins total and called twice so i cancelled the trip as i was already getting paid for wait time come to find out i wasnt given the...
1-3 of 3 Results