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  1. Philadelphia
    Uber will not allow for me to sign on unless I update the new addendum. When I open the app the message says, "there are a few things we need from you before you can go online". Uber then makes a request for me to update the new addendum. I try to review the new addendum but the small print...
  2. Toronto (Ontario)
    First of all, it is obvious Uber created some fake 3rd party Dutch company named 'Portier' so it can look like they are the ones setting these new crappy 'rules'. Anyway, if you have read the new Agreement on the app, it says that "wait at least (10) minutes...". So say goodbye to the 'No...
  3. Advice
    So, you may have seen the post from the (ex) Uber driver who was unceremoniously dumped after pax kept reporting them as being intoxicated . . . there's a whole 'nother thread disussion right there! But, has anyone actually understood the terms of their contract with Uber/Lyft?
1-3 of 3 Results