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  1. Complaints
    Hi, I want to describe my recent experience with Uber when went to a city where I don't know the exact location. I take a Uber and get ride. When I reached there the bill was to high. My friend told me that this was wrong and long path. How many you have experience this type of ride?
  2. News
    https://www.ksl.com/article/50122367/salt-lake-man-charged-with-sexually-abusing--uber-driver https://www.deseret.com/utah/2021/3/9/22321872/salt-lake-man-charged-with-sexually-abusing-uber-driver https://gephardtdaily.com/local/salt-lake-city-man-arrested-after-allegedly-assaulting-uber-driver/
  3. New Jersey
    Peg and I are over in Philly today. We went to the Friday Free @ Noon concert featuring the great Richard Thompson. Not wanting to deal with traffic we have taken four Uber trips thus far today with one more upcoming to our car parked in North Philly. The first was taken in the only car of the...
  4. Introductions
    Hi, I'm a recovering ride-share driver living in San Diego. I have an abundance of stories - as I'm sure you ALL do! Care to share? I look forward to getting to know this place!
  5. Stories
    I had a guy off his best price for a butt cheek tattoo, an Obama impersonator, and some awesomely drunk folks. Another wild night in the A
  6. Chicago
    Has anyone else had issues with trips they've gotten while using Uber's destination filters lately? In the last few days I've gotten trips that were at least 20+ mins in the totally opposite direction even though I had a destination set. Every single one was taken just 5-10 mins before I would...
  7. Seattle
    What is your experience with Lyft pax as opposed to Uber pax in Seattle? I'm only an occasional weekend driver. The conventional wisdom seems to be that Lyft pax are easier to work with. In the past I would agree but I've noticed a change in Lyft pax over the last few months. In the last few...
  8. News
    https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/dec/18/suspect-arrested-over-death-of-british-diplomat-rebecca-*****-in-beirut?CMP=share_btn_link An Uber driver with a criminal record has confessed to the killing of a British woman who worked at the British Embassy in Beirut, a Lebanese security source...
  9. Boise
    ugh I drove back n forth through Boise eagle and meridian tonight at least 10 times. I was in all the right surge spots. And guess what!? Not a damn request! ZERO! 4 hours online and I ended up getting one food delivery and the punk didn’t even tip! How was ur guys’ night? There were so many...
  10. Washington DC
    i creat this list lets put all rude and bad riders name and address here for driver safety do not pick up here is my first one 1- Nancy " she is He , his real name is Jeff he dress like woman ! NW i give full address later 2- Amy cheap ass pool rider , desperate for boy friend she do...
  11. Long Island
    So I signed up when Uber became legal for non tlc cars in Long Island. That July 4th weekend was pretty damn good. 300 bonus for 45 trips, surges left and right..... After? Not so much. Requests are coming at a painfully slow rate due to driver increase, min fares of 3.66 for a trip you spend...
  12. Toronto (Ontario)
  13. Washington DC
    oh boys i post a lot here !now this be my last post !! I spent a lot time reading here all day night ! but try stop it too ! Guys listen careful to your asian female driver ! I'm not kidding all this i know you should do 1- rate all female riders one star ! because they told me...
  14. Chicago
    For some of the verbal abuse I get.. I feel like a... CTA bus driver. Lolz. http://abc7chicago.com/news/easy-targets-cta-bus-drivers-fend-off-spit-guns-and-frozen-chickens/2032957/
  15. News
    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/tess-holliday-vows-to-boycott-uber-after-driver-fat-shames-her_us_58f78e03e4b05b9d613f63dc I'm telling you, what is wrong with people?
  16. San Francisco
    Have you ever check them? I'm having sort of insomnia and I start killing time. Let's post some fun stuff here This is so funny to read Oh maybe that's my cat fight story? Two issues review is typical uber pax!! No one owes you Sh1t u stupid **** Another troll crying about wear and tear of...
  17. Toronto (Ontario)
    Hello people, I recently met up with a lawyer over the possibility of starting a class action lawsuit against UBER. The reason is all the underpaid trips which I'm sure each and any of you drivers have been recently experiencing. The explanations given bu Uber Support are simply ridiculous. A...
  18. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Welp, i just,got banned from LAX without warning. I guess my days are numbered on the platform. Its been fun guys have a great 2017, I guess Im part of the wave of new deactivation. Fun while it lasted... be safe and Uber On.
  19. Los Angeles & Orange County
    (1) Kekelo is savage when she wants to be. KekeLo (2) Mexico is the newest honey hole in Uberville. (3) Play pool correctly you'll make money. Unicorn. (4) LYFT is great if you want to watch paint dry. (5) LB addition to core is now the reason, I will never drive in LB again. (6) UBER plays nice...
1-20 of 35 Results