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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    Have noticed some changes since I've come back over the past few weeks. Some very recent and some things that I haven't gotten to try out since before the pandemic started. Something that has changed in the past week or so is how your earnings are reported. Uber has finally stopped including...
  2. San Diego
    I updated my Uber app to Apple version 4.237.10001 on Tuesday (?) and while flicking through this morning came across this. List a place and if a request is made from there, a star will appear next to it.
  3. Complaints
    Has anyone in Los Angeles experienced this. I got into Silver Lake got a $16 guarantee at 2:20am on Friday night. Since I was driving XL I thought let me see if I can get one. I didn't so I added X and pool and waited. About 15 minutes later WITHOUT any incoming calls it said are you still there...
  4. Advice
    Last year, Financial Times actually created an online game to have players experience the trials and tribulations of being an Uber driver. It's like a choose your own adventure flash like game. You have two difficulties: Easy mode: You're a driver with good credit in San Francisco Hard mode...
  5. San Diego
    Uber forced an app upgrade on me today. Buried in account is this: Cannot turn crash detection off.
  6. UberEATS
    Does anyone have any REAL knowledge of UBER actually deciding to give this delivery to him, give that one to her? Yesterday (Sunday), I was driving all day, and I got the usual mix of short and long deliveries. I was waiting for 1.7 to kick in at 5pm. When it did, the first one was a McD. I...
  7. Pay
    I can’t find things in the app and I have no idea how much I made today!!!!!!
  8. Washington DC
    "You are online. Touch to return to Uber app" Who knows how to stop this annoying message? Everytime I open another app, I get this stupid message. It's like Uber owns my phone now.
  9. Notifications
    Today I attempted to go on-line and I was presented with a whole set of new rules I never saw before. California Rules and Regulation Effective March 5, 2018 http://t.uber.com/CA_RULES_AND_REQUIREMENTS It says drivers must complete a safety course before using the Uber App. That's news to me...
  10. Indianapolis
    So, I am new. It has been rough already. But, I think I got this. I had to cancel my official 2nd trip because I am having problems with the Uber app GPS. I am 100% confident google maps works perfect. For some reason this Uber app is glitch. I am sure if I keep canceling they will...
  11. New Jersey
    Hey anyone here having issues with the Uber app and and how it displays the Earnings. This is what is going on with mine: Main Earning tab, not displaying actual earnings after trips end until the next day. If you hit Trip or Balance it shows all the trips twice. If you have a fare issue and...
  12. Miami
    I know Uber will punish us if we don't accept rides by not shooting pings to us. I thought it was like 30 seconds, maybe a minute time out. But lately I look at the rider app and I don't show up, sometimes for a while 15 minutes or longer. I have to restart my phone or turn it off before my...
  13. Complaints
    Mine keeps crashing and showing me error after accepting requests.
  14. Toronto (Ontario)
    Anyone else having issues with the APP going off-line? Last night it happened to me a few times and it can be frustrating when it doesn't allow you back online.....
  15. Chicago
    Did anybody else get this in the last update? What do you think of it? I really don't feel like sharing anything more with the random riders and my regulars all know this stuff. Plus posting your best Uber story is just asking for trouble.
  16. Miami
    Today the Uber app would not switch to the Waze screen just allow it to play in the background is anyone else experiencing this. Also the instant pay is gone.
  17. Delivery
    Hi UPFMs, I don't know if anyone else gets this issue with their uber driver app on android but every now and then, I'll get a request for a pick up and even though I tap my screen to accept immediately, it acts as if I didn't accept. When I check my ratings, my acceptance shows 90% after that...
  18. Technology
    I'm one month into being an Uber driver but I have some questions about the app. 1. Why are some pax squares red and some green? 2. Why does the top section sometimes have a tiny red or green square off on the left? 3. Any other things like this I should know about (that are not intuitive?) 4...
  19. Complaints
    Has anybody noticed the Select rides have dropped dramatically ever since Uber showed the price comparisons along side each other on the rider app? That is poor marketing. I spoke to a guy who owns many prominent restaurants in LA who uses "Market Price" all the time for high end food. He said...
1-20 of 48 Results