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  1. Technology
    So I'm driving (I drive in Chicago) with an UberX passenger in My vehicle and a new Uber EATS fare pops up. I have auto accept turned on, for some reason when I'm on an UberX fare and I get an Uber EATS next trip fare...it accepts it, then cancels it right away... nothing I can do about that...
  2. Washington DC
    I made the mistake of updating the Uber Driver app, only because it made me before I could go online. Now it lags in showing my location. The little Star Trek badge/Asteroids ship doesn't move when I do. If I close it out then start it again it shows the location. It used to be very Big...
  3. Phoenix
    I'm not sure why Uber decided to improve the navigation when other apps are far better. Now the app is raping my battery! #thanksuber
  4. Brisbane
    "A new feature from Uber is allowing for users of the rideshare service to give their drivers "thank you" notes. Known as Compliments, the new feature gives customers the ability to send out "stickers" as colorful feedback for drivers and highlights specific reasons for exemplary service, such...
  5. Los Angeles & Orange County
    After my recent debacle and most frustrating tale with Uber. I finally found out why I will never reach Platinum status. PLEASE share as well. (1) Beware of shorties. I had a shortie ride around the corner. Uber refused to take it as a ride and instead used it as a cancellation. There went...
  6. Inland Empire & Riverside County
    it seems like my app does not work and its not like the android app i cant even put a destination or when im going home. Anybody experiencing the same problem? I have a iphone 6s
  7. Complaints
    It's Monday morning and I planned on working early to get some hours in before going home and waiting for a UPS package scheduled to be delivered today. So I'm out on the road and the first pax was from Tustin to Irvine, dropped him off at work. The second pax was Tustin to SNA, and after that...
1-7 of 7 Results