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  1. Melbourne
    Started researching how much will be profitable driving Uber full time 40 hours per week. Research is based to comply with all ATO rules and regulation. As Uber driver u need to have ABN num and be registered for GST. Pros Be u own boss choice of hours and days to work Cons Uber still illegal...
  2. Boston
    event=event25 via @BostonGlobeAn Uber driver made a sexual pass at me, and he might still be out driving https://www.boston.com/news/local-news/2016/04/29/uber-driver-sexual-pass?event=event51
  3. Australia
    So you think there is dignity in licking feet? What really puzzles me is the question; "What makes people happy talking and complaining so much, but not doing a single thing against?" What's the point of these forums? Talk rubbish all day long? Do you folk have so much time for that? No wonder...
  4. Sydney
    Soon Uber will up their drivers commission up to 25% and drop their rates for the riders. This is exactly what they did with Uber Black. Uber Black 25% Uber SUV & LUX 28% With the industry being deregulated who will look after our interests?? Good times now how about when ride share becomes...
1-4 of 4 Results