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uber ads are a joke
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  1. Brisbane
    If you thought that Ubers promotion of free water for pax at drivers expense was a thing of the past, have a look at this recent TV ad and tell me there not promoting that still. All those people with all those "Free water bottles". I feel sorry for those simple people who chase the Uber BS...
  2. Connecticut
    I have been driving for 2 month now. I drive only weekends, but before, weekend during the day was good. Now, I have to drive Saturdays and Sundays from 5 am to 8 am to make something! After 8 am, the roads are just full of drivers and no surge! I'm a woman, so I don't do nights, but it's been...
  3. Complaints
    This is the result of ignoring 6 Poo rides, which led to 3 time-outs, which led to more than an hour online for 0 dollars. Another disgusting practice to force drivers to take poo requests, they put you on a time-out every time you ignore two in a row. Once you are finally able to log back on...
  4. Advice
    Uber love to give the public the impression that their drivers are small business owners or 'micro-entrepreneurs'. source I received some abuse on this forum for complaining about the rates that Uber set. People would say "Nobody is forcing you to drive for Uber". - This I could not argue...
  5. Detroit
    Rate guarantees have to start in Detroit now for A2 drivers! How wonderful.... First requirement, "51% of trips start in Detroit Metro Area!" Must mean there's some driver shortage! Hah, FUber
  6. Tampa
    The best thing I could do was to stop driving Uber on October 25, 2015 just got my 1099. I made $5197.60 and drove 3204 mi. in September and October but racked up 9364 mi in two months. Uber is a total joke I recruited 22 drivers and only 2 drove the 20 rides. I signed up 65 Uber rides and was...
  7. Pay
    6 weeks to sum up the Uber driver horrific pay, the Uber misleading ads, the potential Uber insurance fraud, and the Uber ratings horrifying reality for drivers. Welcome to ride sharing.
1-7 of 7 Results