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  1. San Francisco
    What do you guys think if it? I am glad that Uber listens They increased the font on money Decreased the font on distance from and time. IMO this is a total loss Uber if you are listening, I am a software programmer and would be willing put a bid in of 25k to complete the work
  2. San Francisco
    Did anyone get a strange message on Uber after you dropped off at the airport? I got one and you were forced to agree or your account gets locked for 30 minutes. Clicked past it to fast to get a screen shot. anyone else see what it said?
  3. San Francisco
    The transportation company since they can’t even have the promotions come up in their app which starts tomorrow
  4. Complaints
    Why do people act like being an independent contractor means you that you can’t complain about Uber’s business practices? Yes there are other options of companies to work for, yes there are hourly jobs, but that doesn’t negate the fact that airing out inconsistencies could potentially benefit...
  5. Sydney
    Hi peeps, Has anyone ever had his/her or heard of anyone's Uber driver account being reinstated after having been blocked due to an at-fault accident during ride? Thanks heaps
  6. Los Angeles & Orange County
    What a unlucky day. Pax opened door and bus driver took my door out. Unlucky happened at terminal 3 in the morning. Be careful out there these bus drivers drive like manics out there in world way.
  7. Birmingham, UK
    Please be aware drivers as uber customers are lying and submitting false accusations that driver is taking cash payments, it's happend to me and they Froze my account until I rang them, uber customers are falsifying there complaints to get a free ride, I could not believe it as I drove to pick...
  8. Pay
    Funny story but I don't bite.. Uber: We have more requests than usual... Me: then show me a Fing surge...Turns app off Uber Premium pickup possible.... Me: So is seeing a UFO.... Declines trip Uber This a a scheduled in advance pick up. (15 minutes away) Me: that's not my problem. (if I'm not...
  9. Stories
    Post screenshots of your airport, let's see who wins the ant olympics :D
  10. Adelaide
    Does anyone have any offers this weekend with Uber or Ola? I somehow don't ever get anything!!
  11. Chicago
    Post this to your facebook pages: Hi, To all fellow Uber drivers in the area, take a look at your pay statements. Uber has once again cut rates. X and Pool rides now pay 19% less per mile. Riders, your pricing will remain the same, or possibly increase. Uber is currently using "Up-front"...
  12. Tips
    On riders profile Uber could show how many trips they've taken and how many tips they've given. Would this get more riders to tip instead of increasing prices ?
  13. Singapore
    Any good car rental company for UBER driving to recommend that is lower priced than LCR?
  14. Atlanta
    for all us drivers in rural areas (outside the perimeter) long distance pickups have always been an issue. Sometime I’ll get a request that 20-23 miles away. The the new feature came out! :) Now, Long pickup fees are screwed up. They’ve been working great. Example: I’ll drive 12 miles to pick...
  15. Atlanta
    nope. Good thing I didn’t drive all the way there for no surge.
  16. Atlanta
    DRIVERS BEWARE: The new feature that was released today says that drivers will now be compensated for long pick ups. Good right? Well. First trip of the day. 25 miles to pick her up. I’m thinking I’m getting paid for some of those miles with this new feature. That’s why I accepted it. However...
  17. Atlanta
    are there still any brave/dumb souls out there that still accept UberEATS from mcdonalds? After every time doing a delivery for them, at different locations, the employees act like they’ve just seen an alien. They act as if UberEATS is too futuristic and beyond them. It’s pretty simple. I just...
  18. Atlanta
    Screenshot your “driver profile” under the “account” tab and post it on here! Here’s mine...
  19. Atlanta
    Anyone agree? I live in a rural area about an hour north of Atlanta. I used to actually get trips here. Not anymore. Now I'll go down towards the perimeter and still will be waiting at least 30-45 min in between requests. My point is, the market is flooded with drivers. I see advertising all...