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  1. Austin
    Hey guys! Another post from me. I am enjoying reading all of our ideas and opinions. A friend and I came up with some points that would improve driver experience for Uber/Lyft/any other ride share app. Out of these points below, which do you think you would want and why? Would love to hear any...
  2. Los Angeles & Orange County
    So when I was driving in the Palmdale area waiting for a ride request when I hit a tire alloy rim from a car accident that just happened. I almost rolled when ai got corrected landing on the other two wheels. I bet I looked like Fast and Furious. I had filed a crash report with my pictures of...
  3. Toronto (Ontario)
    Fellow bubber slaves are y'all ready for this or what?! No capacity limit no covid nada. This year st patty weekend shall be a record breaker...Thursday is the new Friday. 😌 let's make some mf guac y'all 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑. @dani1001 awaiting the 1k trip screenshots...🤭
  4. Toronto (Ontario)
    Daily we are hearing more and more about employees mandatory vaccine..so IMO it's only a matter of time rideshare apps follow the pattern. Already concerts and stadiums you need to have proof of fully vaccinated in order for entry. So will you take it in order to be active on the platform or...
  5. San Francisco
    This weeks new quests. Its all top heavy to try to trap you on their platform
  6. San Francisco
    All fake. I was nice and gave someone a ride to the east bay from the city. I had to log out to get gas under 4.50 a gallon. as I was looking for gas noticed the surge would disappear where ever I was while logged off
  7. San Francisco
    Uber is back up to its old tricks 25% my arse
  8. San Francisco
    Over the Prop 22 earnings guarantee 🤣🤪
  9. San Francisco
    I will tell you something, I am feeling more like an independent contractor everyday specially when looking at this request screen to make an educated decision
  10. San Francisco
    What do you guys think if it? I am glad that Uber listens They increased the font on money Decreased the font on distance from and time. IMO this is a total loss Uber if you are listening, I am a software programmer and would be willing put a bid in of 25k to complete the work
  11. San Francisco
    Did anyone get a strange message on Uber after you dropped off at the airport? I got one and you were forced to agree or your account gets locked for 30 minutes. Clicked past it to fast to get a screen shot. anyone else see what it said?
  12. San Francisco
    The transportation company since they can’t even have the promotions come up in their app which starts tomorrow
  13. Complaints
    Why do people act like being an independent contractor means you that you can’t complain about Uber’s business practices? Yes there are other options of companies to work for, yes there are hourly jobs, but that doesn’t negate the fact that airing out inconsistencies could potentially benefit...
  14. Sydney
    Hi peeps, Has anyone ever had his/her or heard of anyone's Uber driver account being reinstated after having been blocked due to an at-fault accident during ride? Thanks heaps
  15. Los Angeles & Orange County
    What a unlucky day. Pax opened door and bus driver took my door out. Unlucky happened at terminal 3 in the morning. Be careful out there these bus drivers drive like manics out there in world way.
  16. Birmingham, UK
    Please be aware drivers as uber customers are lying and submitting false accusations that driver is taking cash payments, it's happend to me and they Froze my account until I rang them, uber customers are falsifying there complaints to get a free ride, I could not believe it as I drove to pick...
  17. Pay
    Funny story but I don't bite.. Uber: We have more requests than usual... Me: then show me a Fing surge...Turns app off Uber Premium pickup possible.... Me: So is seeing a UFO.... Declines trip Uber This a a scheduled in advance pick up. (15 minutes away) Me: that's not my problem. (if I'm not...
  18. Stories
    Post screenshots of your airport, let's see who wins the ant olympics :D
  19. Adelaide
    Does anyone have any offers this weekend with Uber or Ola? I somehow don't ever get anything!!
1-20 of 45 Results