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  1. Minneapolis
    I want to start driving in the rural areas outside of Minneapolis. There is no uber service available for them! What are the best places to get a ride apart form the airports?? also I might start a taxi company to service this area and I'll pay drivers $3/mile for those long rides! Anyone...
  2. Complaints
    Apparently, I am willfully participating in a financially unviable, failing charity. And yes, "premium" customer support says I have been paid the appropriate amount for this fare. What a joke.
  3. Raleigh-Durham
    As an independent contractor, and an American Citizen, I recognize that Uber owes me nothing. I need Uber more than Uber needs me. Why? Because there’s nothing proprietary about using my car to drive my neighbors to places they need to go. There’s no special or unique skill required of me to...
  4. Minneapolis
    Has anyone heard of these new ridesharing companies? I'm seeing some new rideshare companies like Tryp in Las Vegas come up. They apparently pay 95-100 percent of the ride fare! Does anyone know if they are coming to the midwest? I'd love to earn an extra buck after this pandemic :cryin::cryin...
  5. Las Vegas
    Hey everybody, here's a copy of an outreach ad local cab companies are sending out to help get more drivers on the road!
  6. Coronavirus
    Drivers who have been part of uber for years, have always heard how self driving cars were gonna take over by now. Let’s assume uber wet dream of self driving was a reality, how would that effected uber during this pandemic? Could they have survived with army of self driving cars? There are no...
  7. Tips
    Here is a thing. What I found that people are giving us tips but UBER only shows certain percentage of our tips to us. i drive in dc Adams’s Morgan and most of the time at medstar I got frequent trips of trainee doctors and nurses and since I drive on certain time I’m getting same...
  8. Advice
    In the past, this one ride-sharing company and another e-commerce company (not revealing names) have asked me if I can advertise their company to my Uber passengers. They have offered me up to $10 on each referral. Someone from the company offered this when he took a ride with me. I declined...
  9. Melbourne
    Hello all, Need advice for following TIA: 1) I am a full time person paying over 20k tax. Thinking to start a second job as an uber part time Fri SAT and Sun. Will I be able to claim tax from first job for things like depreciation, petrol, car expenses etc 2) I have got a 2016 car 36000 KMs on...
  10. UberEATS
    Hello As the subject states, Uber has completely stripped me of other benefits for no reason. I've been delivering with Uber since late last Summer and have had no real issues with the app until recently. I was unable to work for 3 weeks as my car didn't have insurance, and when I came back to...
  11. Stories
    Who says rideshare drivers don't get paid enough?
  12. Dallas