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  1. London
    They clutter up my garage so, decided to get rid of them. Researched local council web page just to find out that they are not taking them even when I wish to pay environmental fee. I think current rate is around 80p per rubber but some companies online charge 20 quid for shredding one tyre...
  2. Sydney
    Hoping that you can give me some advice on replacement tires. To start with, tyres are important to me, they can and do help save lives, and improve ride quality. As far as has been economically possible in the past I have always endeavoured to put good tyres on my car. And before you all...
  3. Singapore
    Hi all, Started this thread as we find many motorists in Singapore always find it a chore to find workshops for servicing. Apart from that, other issues like trust (fear that workshops are conmen), quality and service are some problems facing Singapore's motorists. The most common being charged...
  4. Singapore
    Hi guys! Please send me at PM about the size you are looking for. I will gladly get you good condition branded used tyres. at least 70% guaranteed. eg. 195/65/15 , 205/55/16 etc.. thanks!
1-4 of 4 Results