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  1. News
    http://m.newson6.com/story.aspx?story=36144198&catId=112042 Tulsa Uber Driver Arrested, Charged With Rape Of Customer A Tulsa Uber driver was arrested Tuesday on a charge of first-degree rape. Prosecutors allege David Knight raped a customer while driving for Uber in May. The victim called...
  2. Tulsa
  3. Tulsa
    Been mostly working downtown and the airport. Would like to try getting rides from South Tulsa. Not sure where a good places to sit. The population density survey says the area between 81st and 71st between Yale and Lewis has a high population density. South Tulsa is so spread out even in light...
  4. Tulsa
    What are my fellow Tulsa drivers doing on the tip issue? Has your rating gone down? What are your customer comments? I do not have a sign in my car. I mention the lawsuit that Uber settled and that now we are allowed to say "Tips are not included in your fare and that tips are appreciated. My...
  5. Tulsa
    Slow week. Not much going on, even on a Friday night. $60 7 hours on Friday. Mostly short cheap rides. Comments on your week?
  6. Tulsa
    Hey fellow Ubers! I was wondering if anyone knew if Sunday's were busy like the rest of the week? Someone I referred was going to try to work tonight and I was curious if there would be any business.
  7. Tulsa
    How much did you expect. How much did you get? I drove 10 hours 180 miles chasing around town. Net $126. $15 in tips.......why so little in tips? Am I missing something on the tip part?
  8. Vehicles
    I've been driving for two weeks now and from this forum I've learned that Uber has an auto inspect policy, or at least they do in some cases/areas maybe?? Does it actually apply to all markets and I was just over looked to get me on the road to help shuttle city public transportation goers...
  9. Tulsa
    I've been driving for almost two weeks and from this forum I've learned that Uber has an auto inspect policy, or at least they do in some cases/areas maybe?? Has anyone else in the Tulsa/Oklahoma city area had to get this done. Just trying to get it addressed before it becomes an issue...
  10. Tulsa
    Anyone else have a good night tonight (Friday 9/25 - Saturday 9-26)??! I made out great and only worked until the bar closing surge!! Put in about 7hrs and got $184 after Uber took all their cuts and fees plus $14 in tips. Not to bad, excited about tomorrow night since typically Saturdays are...
1-10 of 10 Results