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  1. Tucson
    Ok, I have been driving all week expecting some great things on Christmas. Well, what the passengers are going to do is still up in the air...but WTF is Uber doing? On Wednesday night I got a total of 18 'Opportunities' for driving select hours on both Friday and Saturday - but NOTHING for...
  2. Advice
    Hey everyone, I'm just about two weeks near the end of my seasonal position and I'll be starting driving with Uber and probably Lyft as well to make ends meet until the position opens up again in August. I'm in Tucson, AZ and my plan is to work Wednesday-Sunday doing 10 hour days. Is it possible...
  3. Phoenix
    Hi - has anyone picked up from PHX airport and taken fare to Tucson? How much would this cost? Any leads for drivers that would be willing? Thanks.
  4. Phoenix
    just got my second Tucson run yesterday! I was at sky harbor had a noshow (dead cell) and canceled! Damn it, it was to anthem and would have stopped and went home! Then this happens....
  5. Phoenix
    It has been a month and half since last doing Uber or Lyft and I'm very happy. I was lucky enough to have found a decent paying job: I will not lie and say I don't miss the flexibility of doing uber. I have to do a 40 hours, 9-5 shift now, but it comes with many perks: I now have health...
  6. Tucson
    I have over 5000 rides at over 4.9 star rating. We finally got a tucson section in this forum. (Thanks calicat2002). Ask away.
1-6 of 6 Results