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trip request

  1. Melbourne
    If I may lead in with a rant... In whatever comes out about that unfortunate incident in Sydney (where the pax lost his life) - I hope Uber gets called out somewhere along the way for not giving you control over receiving trip requests while you are still on a trip. In the Sydney incident, I'd...
  2. Technology
    I'm pretty sure this is embedded within the app... Nevertheless, does anyone know if the trip request "BLING... BLING... BLING... BLING..." notification sound can be replaced by another notification sound of ones' choosing (without rooting my device)? Thank you in advance for any insight.
  3. Advice
    ive noticed that this month the number of ride requests have dropped substantially ... and i mean crazy less, i could normally make 400 ish in under 20 hours and get constant ,0 , 5 , 10, sometimes up to 15 but not often, min between at most when i chose to drive... now i can sit in my house or...