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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    I'm writing to publicize my frustrations with Uber's 'Trip Fare Equation' (TFE) that I believe does not fairly adjust for traffic time during rides. TFE follows an equation with a very low & static 'cost per minute' that I say does NOT appropriately compensate for shorter rides with LOTS of...
  2. San Francisco
    I was thinking about this today and decided to do the math on 3 random boost trips i completed yesterday. 1/3 trips showed a disproportionate payout to uber vs the extra money paid to me. *check out image below On a trip from Oakland to San Francisco during a 1.3x boost guarantee Uber gets...
  3. Advice
    Hello all I am a fairly new driver to uber and I am trying to figure out how to get ongoing trips? How do I get Fair request back to back? After I finish one trip how do I get another one? The partner app explains absolutely nothing but tips.
  4. Advice
    Last night around 2am in Myrtle Beach there was 4.9 surge. Knowing that riders were most likely at broadway at the beach that's where I was headed. About 8 miles out I get a ping to pick up a rider about a mile away from me. Upon contacting the PAX, there actual location was Broadway at the...
  5. Ratings
    Rating is so important and pressure factor for Uber drivers. For driver, you must rate the rider and then Uber shows you the Trip Fare. But for rider, they see the Trip Fare and then they rate you whenever they log on next time. Sometimes, they might forget about your service and randomly rate...
1-5 of 5 Results