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  1. Miami
    This trick was here for years, but after late app update with the possibility to change the service without going offline made it much easier to use. 1. Get closer to the FIFO zone, but don’t get into it. 2. Turn on all 4 services (X,XL,LUX,SUV), or those that you have with X. 3. Go online...
  2. Introductions
    Good day to you all...I am in Springfield, IL (though the city listed on this forum is apparently Springfield, MO) and I am looking forward to reading and learning and conversing as much as possible. This is a much welcome addition to my new driving experience - I've been at it for just over 2...
  3. Dallas
    NYC drivers are getting paid for the difference between rider and driver fares by taking a screenshot of the trip on the rider app at pickup and submitting to Uber after the trip has ended. Imagine if all drivers did this! NYC is so much better regulated though and Uber doesn't want to lose...
  4. Stories
    I had a young girl today, I picked her up from her single family house. The address was preset because I had the destination filter on.. I am sure I confirmed the name, on the way when she acted little strange looking at me and then away, but I still squeezed out a short conversation with...
  5. Chicago
    Received this tonight. I worked close to 9 hr for $100. Typical I make more than 200 on a Sunday. As I was turning into my garage I get this message. They must have known I gave up. PoS. You think I'm going to waste my time anymore? #TheEndIsNear
1-5 of 5 Results