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  3. New York City
    Hi Guys if I want to hire a full day uber driver for my day tour (10am to 5pm) What will be the best option for me? Is it better to use app or directly deal with the driver for flat rate. I am going to spent this new year holiday in NYC. I will stay almost 5 days there. So I will need a local...
  4. News
    Greyhound Fingers Ridesharing as a FActor in its Demise in Western Canada From: Global News | Author: Jesse Ferreras July 9: Greyhound announced that it will be ceasing operations in Western Canada. As Aaron McArthur reports, the company is blaming declines in ridership Ridesharing hasn't just...
  5. San Francisco
    Where do you sleep when you stay in Frisco for the night shift? I'm here now, arrived at lunch rush, now I want to take a nap until night shift starts! Where do I sleep? Is there a house we can crash at with people who live there or do this on a daily? Please advice-no smart assess please-
  6. Miami
    I've noticed that riders who r not familiar w miami traffic, who do not allow enough travel time during rush hr result in a low ratings. As if it's my fault !!!! Seriously!! Any suggestions from others? I now ask for a preferred route.
  7. Chattanooga
    So I just started tonight, worked about 3 hours and made almost $40 factor in gas and such I got about $28 to take home. Any tips for getting more? Also are taxes deducted or do we need to put them away ourselves ?
  8. Advice
    Once this obnoxious approval process is over, can I drive out of multiple areas/states? or is it only my home state/area? I live in New Hampshire, I travel all over New England, and really the whole country frequently. If I'm in Austin, can I pick up pax in Austin? Or Seattle? or??? or do...
  9. Sacramento
    Do you go to San Francisco for the weekend? How do you do? Is it worth it? I've met a couple who do. I make about $200 or more in 10 hours. Would it be worth it?
1-9 of 10 Results