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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    "Toronto has moved a step closer to requiring training courses for drivers of taxis and ride-hail services such as Uber and Lyft, an issue under scrutiny since a man's death last March. The new 26-member city council, during its first full meeting, directed city staff to recommend, in a coming...
  2. Portland
    Hey people, I'm thinking of trying to have a driver meet-up. Not HOSTING it which would imply that I'm buying stuff for people, just creating a driver gathering. Why? To meet some fellow drivers and maybe help some people out. I believe knowledge is power, and maybe a little extra understanding...
  3. News
    http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-41604498 Uber has backed down from its threat to leave the Canadian province of Quebec over new rules it felt were too restrictive. The ride-sharing company, based in San Francisco, was due to halt its operations in the province on Saturday. Uber...
  4. Advice
    hi all, Please help me with an answer ASAP! I am very afraid of my ratings dropping because of this issues: Sometimes I will go months without driving for Uber, and it can be problematic for both me and my passengers. A few days ago I drove for the first time in a few months. The app design...
  5. London
    Are there any new Uber starters here looking for real support? Anyone interested in improving their pickup vs miles driven ratio? Please inbox me, new app and help options available. Only by direct referral. Totally free at the moment. Options to earn cash for participation as well, download...
  6. Advice
    I don't drive for Uber but I work for an upscale hotel and we are wondering if there is a market for out of town Uber managers or meeting rooms for Uber meetings. Do you all have training sessions? Do corporate managers ever make trips out of state? I am working in Knoxville, TN if that...
  7. Toronto (Ontario)
    Ive been a driver for more than 2 weeks, and tbh i dont know crap about rules, and regulation. For, example, today i found out that if a pax throws up in your car, you can take pictures and send it to uber, they will pay for the cleaning. Anyhow, how do i learn and educate myself more?
  8. Insurance
    With 10 people piled into an XL or SUV with no seatbelts flying down the highway. Body parts everywhere. Uber will have some explaining to do on how it doesn't enforce any rules on passengers and no training for drivers.
1-8 of 8 Results