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  1. Seattle
    Some Uber users in Seattle now have the option to plan trips via bus, train or ferry in the ride-hailing giant's app thanks to a new integration with the region's transportation agencies. The Seattle area is the 14th region overall to get the Uber Transit integration, and it covers all major...
  2. News
    Uber driver Hugh James car struck and crushed by Long Island Rail Road Train in Bethpage. https://www.newsday.com/long-island/lirr-ronkonkoma-line-train-hits-vehicle-on-tracks-near-bethpage-1.14597923
  3. Providence
    I had a good day around Providence/Lincoln/Cumberland. Caught some surge a few times and wondering if anyone else did. Lots of college kids wanting rides into the train stain, then I'd sit in Providence and catch a request in surge zone. RI may not have high rates but you can get a lot of...
  4. Los Angeles & Orange County
    the flash flood caused the train tracks to not work anymore, so the train go stranded, later trains got stranded too and they stopped train service altogether did anyone get dragged out to the desert towards Palmdale? wouldn't be good in the flash flood unless you drove an SUV and even then a...
  5. Pay
    Hey guys, I posted this survey in another thread for university research but think it might be useful to talk about it in the context of cost savings since the subject is reducing wait time. I've linked a Google survey here detailing it, but basically my group is thinking of how incorporating...
  6. Technology
    Hey everyone, I posted this survey in another thread for university research but think it might be better suited for Technology since the topic has to do with reducing downtime by integrating time-sensitive transit information with the Uber app. It'd be cool to get some drivers' thoughts on...
  7. Chatter
    Hey everyone! Tired of waiting for passengers at the train station? Below is a university survey about integrating transit information with the Uber app. Your input would be greatly appreciated! http://goo.gl/forms/mRO2x8nKlc