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  1. Chicago
    There's an unwritten policy in Chicago. It comes from the perception, especially among Chicago Police, that rideshare drivers are servants, assisting in commerce and in some cases crowd control. If nothing else, Lyft and Uber drivers are this generation's Desginated Drivers. Does this give us...
  2. Baltimore
    Even though Uber was notified within 3 business days of a citation issued from a traffic cop, and later a point was issued to the drivers record, will that point cause the driver to no longer be eligible to drive for Uber?
  3. Chicago
    2 things to take note on. Know your rights Don't find yourself becoming an innocent 'mule' for drug dealers http://reason.com/blog/2017/03/10/cops-tell-uber-driver-attorney-film
  4. Stories
    First, you have to understand something... despite the damage that watching A CLOCKWORK ORANGE on a huge, drive-in movie theater screen when I was 18 or 19, I have come to have a positive view of police and the tough job that they have. This afternoon I was travelling thru one of the busier...
  5. Minneapolis
    I had a request come in after the Twins game which is always a mess but I had my destination filter on and it was a 1.7x surge so why not. I called them right away to find out where they were. They were on 7th right by the main entrance/ProShop. As I pulled up and barely stopped a traffic guy...
1-5 of 5 Results