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traffic congestion

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  1. Long Island
    is this the beginning of it? Ride sharing cars are pilling up in every area of the Island. Not to mention it is 9:30pm Sunday.
  2. Chicago
    There's an unwritten policy in Chicago. It comes from the perception, especially among Chicago Police, that rideshare drivers are servants, assisting in commerce and in some cases crowd control. If nothing else, Lyft and Uber drivers are this generation's Desginated Drivers. Does this give us...
  3. Introductions
    Hi, this is my first post here. I've been driving for Lyft for over a year, using their Express Drive rentals. Express Drive seems like a good deal for people who are willing to work about 65 hours per week to get the Rental Rewards bonuses. I like driving, so I don't mind the long hours and...
  4. Chicago
    As I arrived downtown for overnight rideshare fun, I've sometimes been called on to pick up early-exit concertgoers after Northerly Island concerts. Traffic control on McFetridge is fine--it's a dropoff loop. I experienced the post Dave Matthews Band crowds on Fri & Sat. After concerts, cops...
  5. London
    Are they mad? A 1-week London ViaPass is just £35 for a limited time. https://support.viavan.com/hc/en-us/articles/360004749592-What-is-the-ViaPass- Empty buses and crowded roads for sure, and potentially more dangerous scenarios.... On the other hand, most Uber drivers do not seem to like...
  6. Canberra
    (1) Canberra traffic congestion is increasing daily travel times by 20%. (2) Overall time on the road increased by 3% in 2016 in Canberra. (3) Since 2008, congestion in Canberra has increased by 6%. (4) Spread across 230 working days, congestion in Canberra represents 80 hours extra on the...
  7. Canberra
    THE CONGESTION COST * Sydney - average of 156 hours a year lost at a cost of $1.04 billion * Melbourne - 130 hours, $912 million * Hobart - 123 hours, $80 million * Brisbane - 104 hours, $611 million * Adelaide - 99 hours, $249 million * Gold Coast - 95 hours, $125 million * Perth - 94...
1-7 of 7 Results