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  1. New Jersey
    Yesterday I finally had to use it and to my surprise it wasn't bad at all.... The only thing that caught me off guard was instead of using a professional towing service or tire change company....They actually send a regular average joe who has a jack and tire repair kit.....I honest can't...
  2. Cincinnati
    Had a request from there tonight. Place was completely packed. No parking available for a quarter mile. Didn't want the customer to wait. I parked in front of the Indian cuisine place in the strip next door, so that I could walk right over. I saw signs warning of towing but figured that there'd...
  3. Complaints
    For anybody working in Boston who has been to the airport will probably notice how disgusting the lot is. I'm actually very happy they are towing Uber/Lyft drivers and giving them citations here now. Everywhere you park and you open the door you get a wiff of pee smell. Some pee in bottles and...
1-3 of 3 Results