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  1. Chicago
    Recently got back into town and get seated at a restaurant for a bite to eat. Get a street view. After my order is taken a streets & san tow truck slowly pulls up. Car had 3 tickets and was parked in the metered area. My server tells me the car had been parked outside not moved since...
  2. Chicago
    Was walking through the loop/west loop and saw two tow trucks moving and on the lookout for illegally parked vehicles (cars parked in cab spots near OTC, standing vehicles on Madison). The owner of the vehicle stranding on Madison & Franklin just made it back to his car. A tow appeared...
  3. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Now what can I do?
  4. Minneapolis
    I feel kinda bad about this, but not really....... I had about an hour tonight to do some Ubering and someone blocked in my car with their truck while I was parked doing a delivery. I sat there about 30 minutes before I got irritated then I called the Police. It took the Police about 10-15...
1-4 of 4 Results