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  1. Las Vegas
    I been driving now for almost three years in las vegas for uber only. Here's what I have learned. I don't mess with locals. They don't tip and they think your there personal driver. I love tourist. They tip well and there happy from the minute they step off the plane. By the way I always tell...
  2. Seattle
    After grinding every day for 8 weeks, I'm trying to decide what days to regularly take off to have some time for myself. I no longer drive at night, and especially avoid bar closing. Someone here observed, earlier this year, that driving in the daylight hours on Saturdays & Sundays is usually...
  3. San Francisco
    When I'm asked by a Pax to recommend a good restaurant, I'm often caught flat-footed. I can name about five restaurants: The Cliff House, the Top of the Mark, the Waterbar, Ghirardelli, and the Greens Restaurant in Fort Mason. After that, I just say Chestnut avenue in the Marina, or...
1-3 of 3 Results