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  1. Dallas
    Warning! Texspress tolls are expensive! They are variable rate depending on traffic. Uber is NOT covering them. Our navigation systems guide us to the lanes. Check your tolltag statements against your Uber rides. I have submitted request for reimbursement numerous times, they are not paying the...
  2. Chicago
    July 12, 2016 In my experience thus far, Lyft only has one Chicago area Toll Collection Point in it's database. That's the .75 cent toll that you pay entering or leaving O'hare airport, via I-90 or I-294. Lyft support tells me to send them a map of the tollway system, the collection points...
  3. Pay
    I used to trust Uber as an IT company to get the charges for tolls accurate. So I decided to check trip by trip this weekend. Turns out I was subsidizing the paxs. First, Uber calculates the fares using the discounted toll tag, instead of zip cash rate. Second, for some tolls like PGBH or the...
1-3 of 3 Results