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  1. New Jersey
    E-ZPass rates apply to NYCSC E-ZPass customers only!!! NYCSC tag numbers beginning with 004, 005, 008, 013 or 018. Non-NYCSC customers pay Tolls by Mail rates. I have a NJ Ez-Pass which is Non-NYCSC UBER charged the rider $6.55 when I crossed Bronx-Whitestone, Throgs Neck, and Robert F...
  2. Brisbane
    On DIDi toll avoiding is most common, it’ll stretch out a fare by 10mins but wont change the price. Its a rip off! If i get a fare thats mid sized ($15-$25) & its got a toll I’ll message “toll o.k?” If they say no, ill cancel if they don’t answer ill rock up, lock my doors, wind window down a...
  3. Sydney
    On a trip I used the CCT but Uber didn't pay for it. So I did the usual submitting. Now they asking for a toll receipt. How do you get, has anyone else encountered this issue.
  4. Seattle
    SR 99 Tunnel Toll Rates Tolling in the SR 99 tunnel will begin November 9, 2019. Tolls will be collected in both directions as you exit the tunnel. Drivers with a Good To Go! pass will pay the lowest toll rate. Drivers who choose to register their license plate on a Good To Go! account without...
  5. Advice
    A couple weeks ago I got two different rides on two different days. Both times the Uber app directions (Not Waze or GM) directed me down the new I-75 expressway south. (Not sure if anyone has driven on it but it’s like Hotel California, once your on you can’t leave.) The first trip I didnt...
  6. Raleigh-Durham
    I noticed this morning that Uber did not reimburse me the correct toll amount for a trip. I was southbound on NC 147 going to I-540 eastbound. The toll is $0.81 but Uber reimbursed me $0.78. I think they are using last year's toll amount, which means we've been shortchanged since January. Has...
  7. Boston
    I have noticed that on EVERY single one of my recent trips on I-90E going to Logan Airport, Lyft has completely screwed up my trip map. This has shorted me out of tolls and mileage as the map doesn't have me going through the Ted Williams Tunnel, but rather straight across Boston Harbor (wtf?)...
  8. New York City
    I couldn't believe it when the rider told me that Uber going to charge him only $11.xx
  9. Lyft
    Hello Everyone ! My question is i live in Faifield County CT and i get a lot of trips to JFK/LAGUARDIA and Newark airports . They are all good pay but i don't get paid for my way back home. I know for JFK and Laguardia for return you need a nyc tlc license. But what about Newark? or any other...
  10. Australia
    we try to pick up the order as soon as possible, so sometimes we need to pass a tollway but uber didn't pay anything for tolls before picking up the order and it is not good!
  11. Dallas
    I'm moving from Phoenix to Dallas, and in Dallas I've noticed there are a lot of toll roads. We don't have those here in Phoenix, and I want to make sure I don't get screwed by Uber with toll roads. 1. How often do riders want to take toll roads? 2. How much do you spend on toll roads per...
  12. Sydney
    Do we need to pay GST on Toll? As example: Customer paid AUD50 for OLA trip including $10 Toll. So do i need to pay GST on $50 or $40?
  13. Complaints
    According to the App/Web Site we are AUTOMATICALLY to be paid tolls. Uber recommends using my EZ Pass which is what I do. I have yet to receive a payment for tolls AUTOMATICALLY? It took TWO E-MAILS to resolve this issue. PITA! Anyone else have this issue?
  14. Miami
    I went to Homestead only got $.35 for the toll. I send them a receipt from my SunPass and this is what I got. " Thank you for writing about your concern, my name is Lyft Guy I'm going to be more than happy to help you with this toll. I know how important it is feeling that your time and effort...
  15. Technology
    I wrote a simple app to show tolls for all DFW toll roads because the NTTA tollmate app is so bad. Check it out for iOS. Search Ntta calculator in the App Store. Coming soon to Android!
  16. Pay
    Just notice $5 toll payments for both way ride across dumbarton bridge. Hope it is part of 180 days of change program ))
  17. Sydney
    There is a first tunnel on the ED (just before Link Road), Google Maps (GM) will sometimes recommend you take it and exit on to South Dowling St before the Cleveland st intersection. GM will show it as not being tolled. But I thought north bound on the ED has a toll. Is the toll sensor further...
  18. New Jersey
    I never take a pick up that navigates me to you the parkway or any tolls.
  19. New Jersey
    I used to have this problem last year around this time but it's happening again. Wilbur is not crediting my tolls when I asked for the whole amount they want a receipt when I say I don't have a receipt and I have EZPass they asked me for EZ Pass statement when I send them EZ Pass statement then...
  20. Denver
    Seriously, WTF?!?! It won't let me use any other road if I get close to the Toll road. It'll insist I make a U turn for miles before giving up. I have to map it out on the fly driving across the Denver frontier.
1-20 of 28 Results