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  1. Washington DC
    So we've done best pizza, tacos, gyros, burritos etc etc....but all that fat gets to you so in the natural spirit of evolution I propose we all give the best Porcelin Thrones in the DMV for when the TNC Potty or bushes next to Rock Creek just wont do..ala George Costanza and his bathroom book style
  2. Advice
    I've got a high level of bladder mastery but I find sometimes that my colon must be obeyed. I have taken some measures in, if not planning ahead, at least reconnoitering some choice, reliability clean porcelain at strategic locations. I also can *squeeze* a few extra minutes if needed by...
  3. Sydney
    Hello everyone, My name is Mark Atkins, I am the Marketing Manager for PartnerPeople We are planning to open a pit stop, which will be a free service for Uber, GoCatch, HC and other ride-share/taxi/limo drivers... it will also be open to the general public. The pit stop we are planning is to...
  4. Sydney
    So its the new car wash close to Airport in their first week of operation. I have used their services and would rate them 4.9 star lol. The deal looks like this. Car washed cleaned inside out with usual hand cleaned, dried, tyre shine, perfume/ freshner sprayed etc. Free coffee / tea (good...
1-4 of 4 Results